fitness and clean eating are my family's new way of life


Here are a few facts about me:

  • I have always consistently done a range of activities growing up. From swimming to yoga to running to going lifting what I thought were adequate weights!
  • I stayed slim, ate relatively healthy and thought I was relatively fit
  • My weight stayed relatively constant and I had no idea what percent fat I had in my ‘slim’ body!
To get and stay healthy — you name it, I've tried it.

As you might have noticed, my past had a lot of ‘relative’ input and results! I grew up in India and at the time, no one really worked out so being relatively better than what you saw around you was pretty easy to achieve.

I will skip the 30s which was spent working super hard and eating super late but still taking running breaks outside at 7pm so the weight stayed constant. I have two children, both of whom were born in my 30s and I managed to lose most of my weight. The last 10 pounds wouldn’t come off (not for lack of trying) and I got used to having it on.

I do partner training with Dawn & Monika twice per week.

At the age of 38 (2 years ago), my weight was inching toward 120 pounds (I am only 5.2”.) I remember that day and decided I had to do something about it. I wanted to be in great shape for my 40th birthday and honestly was petrified having broken that weight barrier!

I joined Healthworks and would see Monika training her clients. The concentration, the no bullshit attitude came through even though I never interacted with her. Her clients worked hard and really looked fit! I decided to try her BURN class and was ready to pass out in the first 15 minutes. My ‘fit’ self could barely get through it. Without going into details, I honestly harassed Monika to take me on as a bbm. She finally agreed and I started with her Boot camp. Quickly we moved to personal training and then partner training. I train with Monika and my partner Dawn twice a week. Those hours are not just spent working out but are markers to organize and motivate me for the entire week.

Monika is as committed to your health and wellness as you are!

I have been training with her for 2 years now and it has been a life–changing journey. She is the most committed trainer and friend you will ever have. No other trainer cares as much about what you do when you are not training with her. She gives you homework, texts you to make sure you are staying on track and even shares recipes if you need extra help. She designs your workout routine based on your lifestyle and what is realistic so you can be successful and see results.

I want to share some of the many things that have changed my life because of Monika:

  • I am more confident now than I have ever been and stand up as tall as my 5.2” body allows me to
  • I love my 40 year old body more than I did my 20 year old one
  • I love my breakfast of egg whites, vegetables, avocado and oatmeal more than any meal in the day
  • I understand why lifting 5 pound dumb bells wont make me have muscular yet lean arms
  • I know that my body fat is going up if I eat ‘relatively’ well and work out sometimes
  • I appreciate that it takes a lot of hard work to achieve ‘perfection’ and even more hard work to sustain it
  • I have been able to surround myself with strong, nice and motivated women — bbms who continue to inspire me
  • Words like strong, muscle and fit have replaced old vocabulary of thin and weight loss in our home and hopefully will result in a positive body image for my daughter as she grows

Most importantly,

bbm Healthworks training partners.

my milestone birthday has come and gone and fitness and clean eating continues to remain a way of life for my family and me, thanks to Monika. It only takes 3 months for something to go from being difficult to becoming a habit. Try it!

I cannot imagine life without training with Monika and having Dawn as a companion in our ongoing fitness journey.

My only regret working with Monika is that I waited until I was almost 40 to begin!

To be a bbm is to be one of those strong women supporting the others. To be a bbm is to show strength and commitment in a way that not everyone can.


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