the evolution of a "gym rat"


I was about to cancel my gym membership, then I met Monika

Shannon has become a serious gym rat
Monika helped me find the fun in working out!

A lot of things in my life hit me all at once that I had a hard time dealing with. I became very insecure and fragile from it all. I was paying for a Healthworks gym membership but I chose never to go because I had no clue what I was actually doing there. I was going one day to actually cancel my membership when the membership advisor told me that if I didn't cancel, she would give me a complimentary personal training session with one of the trainers.

That was when I met Monika, who was beaming with confidence and energy. The exact opposite of how I was feeling in life.

Shannon has become a serious gym rat
I've become a “gym rat” and I'm now going to the gym 5-6 days a week

After my complimentary personal training session Monika told me that she was doing a Saturday morning Burn class which was a mix of cardio and strength training. I knew that this class would help me stay accountable and force me to go to the gym. The first day was horrible and I was only lifting 5lbs weights. When she told me to sprint on the treadmill, I went at 7mph thinking, "wow, I am going so fast!" After every class I would walk away with an endorphin rush. I became addicted to the class and running. As days and weeks progressed, working out with Monika made me stop thinking about all the nonsense I was going through and I started thinking about my own happiness and myself.

I am now doing her Advanced Bootcamp 2/days a week, lifting with 12-30lbs weights, sprinting at 14mph and running at a steady pace of 7mph. I've become a "gym rat" and I'm now going to the gym 5-6 days a week.

My posture has dramatically improved and I've never felt more confident in my skin. I am a completely different person than who I use to be.

Shannon has become a serious gym rat
Happy and Healthy

I am a completely different person than who I use to be. Monika has not only made me physically stronger but also mentally stronger. She truly loves what she does and her bootcamps are also challenging. She has never doubted me and always saw more potential in me than I saw in myself.

Monika is not just my trainer; she is my coach, mentor and friend. In two weeks, I will be running a half marathon and then I am planning on taking my training to the next level by really focusing on my diet and HITT workouts so that I can lean out for an upcoming vacation that I have planned.

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