no more making excuses - my health is important to me


I first met Monika in 2010. I had just signed up at Healthworks and was taking advantage of the free personal training sessions. "I'll just do these free ones and then do my own thing after" — that was my thought going into my meeting with Monika. I mean after all, I'm pretty fit. I workout sometimes and am content with my body. I don't really NEED a personal trainer, I thought. Then I had my first session and....yeah, I quickly discovered that I NEEDED a personal trainer. I worked with Monika for a few months, ended up losing 10lbs, gaining strength and improved my balance. Then I left for summer vacation. The plan was to get right back into the gym after vacation, but I kept making excuses- it's been a long day at work, I'll go tomorrow - you know, the usual excuses. Pretty soon, I had canceled my membership altogether. Yikes!

"My butt looks pretty amazing!"

Fast forward to 2015 and I was 20lbs heavier, achy, always tired and struggling to make it up a flight of stairs without being totally out of breath...So not cute. I hated the way I felt and knew it was time to make a change so I took myself back to Healthworks and signed up....again. When the person signing me up asked me if I had a specific trainer I'd like to work with I immediately exclaimed, "Yes! Monika!" I remembered Monika's positive energy while pushing me to do my best, and never letting me quit. I just HAD to work with her again, and crossed my fingers that she was available. It turns out, she was not fully booked but willing to make an exception for me as her former client.

I was SO nervous going into that (second) initial meeting with Monika. Would she remember me? Would she scoff at how out of shape I was? Would she be disappointed? The answers were, yes, no and no (thank goodness!)

Monika's excitement during that meeting was contagious, as was her "let's just get back on track" attitude.

That's what I love about working with Monika. Working with her again has been amazing. I have to admit, our first training session was tough. I couldn't do the things I used to be able to do, and I was definitely disappointed and feeling discouraged. But not Monika! She knew what I was (am) capable of and never let me say "I can't." Well when I did, she shook her head at me and said "can't is not in my dictionary!" I haven't said it since.

Monika has motivated me to do and be better for myself.

It has been a couple of months and my energy is up, I'm not achy anymore (except after our workouts, and that's a better kind of soreness) and I can finally make it up a flight of stairs! Also, my butt looks pretty amazing. In addition to helping me get back on track with exercise, Monika has also helped me to shift my thinking about food. I am now able to think of food as fuel for my body rather than a way to relieve stress. I now understand the difference between feeling full and feeling stuffed. Monika is so much more than a personal trainer. She has motivated me to do and be better for myself. I am so glad that I found Monika and bbm again. I don't know what I was thinking to stop working with her 4 years ago, but I won't make that mistake again. Monika's stuck with me now!

your butt can look amazing too!

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