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meet monika, a certified personal master trainer

With almost a decade of experience transforming women into fit, confident capable athletes, Monika is simply one of the most unique and effective personal trainers available. Monika is an expert in finding the perfect combination of training, motivation and nutrition to unlock your potential. When your body is healthy and strong, everything else is affected. Food tastes sweeter, sleep is savored and comes easily, and you are better equipped to walk tall through the landscape of your own life.

But, Monika wasn’t born fit.

There Were no female personal trainers at her gym, so Monika became one.
Monika expertly finds the right combination of training, motivation and nutrition to unlock your potential.

Some years ago, Monika found herself in an unsupportive relationship. Not happy with how she felt, or how she looked she settled into a rut. Monika made the difficult decision to re-imagine her life. She let go of a toxic relationship but began comfort eating. Stressed out by incremental weight gain, despite increased cardio, Monika was truly frustrated. The weight wasn’t budging and she reached her breaking point in a box of cookies. She decided to change her life.

With no sports background and distaste for sweating in general, Monika hired a personal trainer. There were no female personal trainers at that gym so she was stuck with a guy that wasn’t all that interested in educating his clients. It was a mediocre experience, but it sparked her passion for strength training and set the framework for what would become her current training philosophy of education, and empowerment.

Monika craved exceptional living. This meant being in truly exceptional shape to support the kind of life she wanted to live.

Hungry for more knowledge, Monika enrolled in personal training school. She broke the chain of emotional eating and put down her cookie-crutch. She identified and learned to manage her triggers. Finding a greater purpose in her work, Monika learned slowly how to truly care for herself and how to propel her body and her mind into extraordinary shape. Monika not only encourages her clients to do the same, but gets them there.

Monika stopped emotional eating
Living in a strong body enables you to live a more integrated life.

Believing that a strong, pain free body enables you to make the changes you need in the rest of your life, Monika spreads the gospel of self empowerment, accountability, clean eating and strength training to everyone she encounters.

Now, from a position of deep personal experience, Monika is able to give back.

She enjoys competing in NPC (National Physique Committee) Bikini competitions, clean eating, exercising, outdoor activities, and meeting people from all around the world! Monika is a National Physique Committee Athlete:

  • 2014 NPC New England Championships
  • 2013 NPC Jay Cutler Classic
  • 2013 NPC New England Championships
  • 2013 NPC Atlantic States, NYC
  • 2013 NPC Pittsburgh Championship
  • 2012 NPC Jay Cutler Championships
  • 2012 NPC New England Championships

Monika trains for her NPC competitions with her coach Summer Montabone (email) & Team VIP.

Monika is an expert in high-energy, whole body workouts as well as healthy lifestyle changes. Her bbm training philosophy: the dictionary is the only place where success comes before work.

Monika is a National Physique Committee Athlete


  • The American Academy of Personal Training – CPT
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine – CPT
  • Training the Pregnant and Postpartum Client Speciality Certification
  • Gravity, BURN, VIPR Certified, Drop 10 Coach (Healthworks)
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
  • American Red Cross CPR/AED Certified
  • Associates Degree in Communications & World Studies (BHCC)
  • Polish Philology (A. Mickiewicz University, Poland)

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