meet jess beltran (coach j)

monika's right-hand lady

Jess was diagnosed with alopecia areata when she was 6 months old and had patchy hair her entire life, even being completely bald for the majority of her teens. The only thing predictable about alopecia is its unpredictability. Noticing that stress triggered more hair loss, Jess wrestled with self-confidence and stress management from a very early age.

A confidant, strong bbm

Jess was eating poorly, not exercising, and was professionally unfulfilled. Then she met Monika and began training under her guidance. Terrified from a previous tumble on a treadmill, Jess was anxious about personal training and gyms in general. Monika had Jess sprinting through her fears during her very first session.

In short order, all the confidence and empowerment she was learning with Monika at the gym translated directly into every other aspect of her life. It was a meaningful life-shifting experience.

"Whatever happens, I know I'm a bad ass young woman!"

"Despite the fact that I've gone bald again, I've transformed my entire outlook on my condition. I know who I am. I am strong and I am brave. The obstacles I've overcome in the gym as I attain some of my biggest fitness goals are proof. I know what I am capable of, and I know hair does not define me inside or outside of the gym. Whatever happens, I know I'm a bad ass young woman :)"

"I know who I am. I am strong and I am brave."

Jess has been training with Monika since 2010 when she first moved to Boston from Chicago. She formally became Coach J and continues to help Monika spread her fitness philosophy remotely. Everything she learned about taking care of herself in adulthood she learned from Monika, and Coach J is seriously committed to helping you have the same transformational experience.

For Coach J, managing and coach for bbm is truly an honor.

Jess also received her M.S. in Conservation Medicine from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, and she recently moved to Seattle, WA to pursue a career in human-animal health and wellness relationships. She is the former senior research assistant and lab manager in the Tsokos Rheumatology Lab at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, MA. She currently works for Amazon as a facilities sustainability coordinator exploring the relationship between worker health & wellness and business sustainability. She graduated from Northwestern University with a B.S. in Psychology and Biology.

Jess will be receiving her training certification in 2015.

Jess has since discovered a passion for fitness and healthy living in addition to her passion for animals, nature, and science. She loves a challenge, traveling, meeting new folks, her Mom's Mexican cooking, and of course, pull-ups! Her goal in being Monika's assistant coach and the Director of Operations for bbm is to help women unveil the inner fit champion inside.

"Challenge yourself. Define yourself. You are so worth it!"

jess loves supporting bbm's on their journey

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