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where are Monika and Coach J located?

Monika is located in Brookline, MA. She is a Master Trainer at Healthworks Fitness Center – Coolidge Corner location. Coach J lives in Seattle, WA, but used to live in Boston, MA where she met Monika in 2010.

who are body by monika's (bbms)?

Monika’s clients at Healthworks, as well as Monika and Coach J’s online clients world-wide are lovingly referred to as bbms! They are full-time moms, entrepreneurs, consultants, physicians, scientists, journalists, executives, researchers, students, program managers, and lawyers. They come from all walks of life, but they have three things in common: drive, dedication, and passion!

how does Monika create a personalized program designed specifically for each of her bbms?

Monika uses photos, interviews and our custom intake form as a guide to help her envision the trajectory of each custom exercise and nutrition program. As a seasoned fitness professional, she designs a workout program according to the specific needs, current health & fitness-level, goals and ambitions of each individual client. No two programs are the same, just as no two bbms are the same!

how important is nutrition in weight loss, muscle gain, and healthy living?

Absolutely essential! Food is fuel. Quantity and quality matter. You need food to lose weight, gain muscle, maintain your metabolism, and sustain the workout programs Monika prescribes. It takes proper nutrition and exercise to progress towards your goal, they are inseparable. They inform, expedite and enhance each other.

how can I get into fitness and figure competing?

Just ask Monika! She loves hearing from those that compete, or aspire to compete! She loves training them along the way as a fitness competitor herself. She will introduce you to all aspects of the industry.

Monika also has two amazing sources for those specifically prepping for competitions: VIP and Coach Summer Montabone.

how can I train with Monika?

If you live in Boston, you can train with Monika in person at Healthworks, Coolidge Corner, MA. If you live significantly outside of Boston you are eligible to train with Monika online.

how can I train with Coach J?

If you live outside of Boston, Coach J will be assisting Monika with your custom plan. You will receive lots of support, encouragment and guidance from Coach J, who is currently finishing her personal training certification. Coach J will help you implement Monica's program in your daily life. She'll answer all your questions about exercise moves, food allocation and managment, and the BBM style (HIIT, strength training, cardio, equipment). Coach J will explain Monika's rationale, help you with time management, telling loved ones about your new priorities, motivation, and working out on the go.

what is the difference between body by monika personal training and personal online coaching?

Personal training is done for Boston residents at Healthworks Coolidge Corner and includes private, semi-private, and group classes (BURN, Drop 10, Advanced Bootcamp) offered at the club where Monika instructs. Personal online coaching is exclusively for remote women and includes exercise and nutritional programs designed uniquely for each client. Coach J and Monika are remote client coaches and depend on virtual communication to maintain relationships with their clients.

how do I become an in-person client of Monika's at Healthworks in Brookline, MA?

Please check with Healthworks Fitness Center in Brookline, MA (Coolidge Corner) as to Monika’s availability as a personal trainer and group instructor.

can I do online coaching if I live in Boston?

Unfortunately, no. Online coaching is for non-Boston residents only. Contact us if you are unsure of your eligibility.

how does online coaching work?

It is similar to training in person with Monika, except you get Coach J as well! Virtual communication is how Monika and Coach J keep in close contact with their online clients. They can’t see you in the gym every day, but they can “see” you more frequently with their hands-on online communications, texts and virtual check-ins!

how often do I receive a workout plan if I am an online client?

Every 4 weeks your program is re-designed by Monika exclusively to fit you as an individual. It keeps you challenged and excited. Progress photos and weekly updates assist her in creating these workouts for you! It becomes a fun, collaborative process of building a better, stronger, fitter, happier you!

how can I get my own bbm shirt?

Monika and Victora Jones have been working together for a number of years, creating fun bbm clothing for this amazing group of women. You can contact Victoria through her website to order yours today!

what if I'm a dude?

Monika only works with female clients, but her fiancée, Chris Simons, also trains in the Boston area and works with men and women. Learn more about training with Chris. Check out his facebook and instagram.

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