personal training for women

from anywhere
in the world

This is your one, wild life. You deserve to feel powerful, strong and sexy. Taking care of your body and mind allows you to walk through your life joyfully, vibrantly and truly alive.

Customized personal training, from anywhere in the world will transform your body, and your entire outlook. Gain feminine muscle definition, increased metabolism and develop a clear focus for your best life with body by monika.

Monika and her right-hand lady Jess are here to support and inspire you to make powerful, incremental changes in your life.

how to train

you can train in with Monika in Boston if you are a Boston resident

train in Boston

for Boston residents only

If you aren't a Boston Resident, you can train with Monika worldwide'

train anywhere

for folks outside of Boston

but what is body by monika?

body by monika is a powerful personal training program designed to propel your fitness routine from pedestrian to the exceptional. The bbm strategy is to expand your notion of what a strong, capable, resilient body feels like. Training with Coach Monika & Coach J from anywhere in the world, with the support of the entire bbm community, gives each woman the opportunity to push past perceived limits, and exceed her own expectations. The bbm community is one that shares each other's accomplishments, empowering members to live healthier, stronger, more inspired lives.

Shannon has become a serious gym rat


local bbm since 2011

reinspired to a healthy way of life



local bbm since 2010

getting back on track



local bbm since 2014

finally finding a system that works for herself and her family



local bbm since 2013

found new, great lifestyle habits

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